Beheading for Dummies (not yet available)

Posted: September 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

From what I see going on in this country, with the government’s Official Mandatory Radical Islamic Sensitivity Training through Correct Approved Media Presentation, I can only conclude that we’ll soon see acceptable publications in bookstores, oh, sort of like this: Beheading for Dummies, How to Approach Virgins in Paradise, The Modern Jihadist: Decorating with the Severed Heads of Infidels, Suicide Bombing for the Masses, and for one more possible title you might come across, Blowing Yourself Up–and Lovin’ it.  No doubt there’ll also be products (most likely on Amazon), like Reinforced Jockey Shorts for Underwear Bombers, Official Jihadist Running Shoes, Official ISIS non-fading black flag (“Show your colors, surburbia”). Then of course they’ll be the TV shows. Possibilities: Cutthroat Family on the Prairie,  The Race to Baghdad , and ,well probably something like (you know, especially for the kids), Adventures of a Jihadist or maybe Davy Jihadist  at the Alamo (for the Disney Channnel).


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