The incredibly rich beauty of the world’s cultures

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Yes, variety is the spice of, er, something or other…Here are just a few brief random examples.

Item: Muslim man rapes daughter-in-law…Now here’s the beautiful rich cultural part: cleric forces (Sharia law) the victim to marry her rapist father-in-law. Er, here’s the even richer cultural beauty of it–victim is to treat her husband as her son. Sure beats that ol’ boring WASP culture!

Item: Indian custom (at least in some parts) of a beautiful woman marrying a handsome dog before marrying a man (hopefully also handsome).

Item: Live by the sword (er, spear) die by the sword (er, spear): Continuous war culture of the Yanomami tribe. I have to admit, though, this sounds a lot like American culture).

Item: Apple exec scarf culture


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