Posted: December 14, 2013 in Science, Society
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China soft lands its lander on moon today, paving way for moon base to Mars. Hooray, space exploration is not dead. Incidentally, The Grand Banana Republic evidently tried this back in the sixties but failed, resulting in the earliest known CGI effects. Here’s a documentary you should check out: “Kubricks Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films.”   I just hope the GBR doesn”t get so jealous of China that they try a new moon landing (or the first real one anyway). Incompetence is already at an all time high; for starters, we can’t even get the Obamacare site up and running properly; they don’t even know the cost of the war in Afghanistan; we have some of the lowest science test scores in the world; by jove, we’re not even a real country. Please, GBR, don’t try this moon stuff.

(Note: One good thing about the GBR’s anti space program. It got rid of that big sacrificial cow, the defective and deadly space shuttle, in which so many had died.)

Hahahahahahahahaha…Hey here’s one for you, knaves: —NASA launch pads for sale. Next look for “moon rocks” for sale on eBay…Meanwhile, The Grand Banana Republic’s Jon Stewart and Megyn Kelly debate the BIG THING–the color of Santa Claus (as the Chinese wave goodbye). Funny stuff.

Even more Chinese technical superiority: Chinese burlesque strippers rule.


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