Chimp solution

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Psychology
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People must be getting dumber by the day (well, at least by the week), not to mention lacking even a rudimentary level of ingenuity. Evidently there are thousands of injuries each year from customers trying to open those hardshell plastic cases that so many products come in these days that the great Amazon Empire has announced it now has 200,000 “frustration free packaged” products. up from nineteen from five years ago, the original start date of addressing this dangerous national problem.

It’s bold page one announcement that greeted me on their site: “Wrap rage. You know what it is [read that in Dragnet style: dum dee dum dum…]. Breaking through hermetically sealed clamshell cases and untwisting dozens of plastic-coated steel-wire ties can be nerve jangling.”  (About this nerve jangling–isn’t there a medicine for that? Therapy? Obamacare?)

The announcement’s even accompanied by a video. My solution? Let people learn from observing lab chimps diligently, ingeniously opening things; that should be the video.


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