A-A crime and the media

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Crime, Current events, Society

Usually the media, at least the mainstream outlets, do their best to follow the rules of racial political correctness: not naming the race of a criminal if he or she (usually a he) is African American. Slowly it seems that’s changing. I’ve been reading various accounts of roving feral clusters of black males (along with some black females) engaging in  the so-called “knock-out game” which usually involves randomly punching out/beating up a white male of female. You can imagine what Sharpton and Jackson and PrezO would be saying if the races were reversed (yeah, you know, he could be my son). Anyway, here’s an article about the media wake-up. Of course still in some cases when the story is reported race isn’t mentioned, but it’s getting a lot easier to read between the lines (or, better yet, view photos of the thugs). In fact, just a bland reporting–that is, one that’s racially anonymous in its description– of a certain type of crime, usually a violent one or a mass brawl, automatically triggers a racial perception when you read about it, or when you just glare at the headline. What can you do about it. For starters, follow the boy scout creed: Always be prepared.

It’s important to keep in mind that many African-Americans are mortified by this behavior too; unfortunately they also have an added problem: they get stereotyped by non-blacks because of these young hoodlums, automatically profiled by those passing them in the streets. You know how the reasoning goes: it’s a version of one for all/all for one, a fear emotion emanating from deep inside the R-Complex. But notice how the racebaiters (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton to name a couple of the biggies) say nothing about black crime rates. They may admit it in private but they’re sure not out there protesting it.  It’s as if they sit back amidst the murderous mayhem (Chicago, St. Louis. Detroit) like wax works figures in Madame Tussaud’s, waiting for the occasional George Zimmerman to show up, or even just a politically incorrect remark by some public figure, then suddenly squirm alive and grab a megaphone.


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