Posted: August 20, 2013 in Crime
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Of course we all know that Zimmerman (who was defending himself as Martin was bashing his head into the pavement) was a “white Hispanic.” The  so-called press and the racebaiters made that abundantly clear, especially the white part. It’s amazing though, that this story, Teens Kill College Baseball Player ‘for the fun of it’, and many others like it never mention race when the culprits are black.  You can say of course that a killing is a killing and it doesn’t matter the race of the murderer (or victim), but when you see such a steep racial pattern of these kinds of crimes (black on white) and their subsequently PCed reportage you can’t help but be suspicious and deeply concerned which neighborhoods you travel through. Most likely, as racial political correctness continues to loom ever more apparent, it becomes actually obtrusive, a form of desperate manipulation, the very words “teens” in a story of crime will automatically imply black. Just read the mass of negative comments in these kinds of stories. In this story at the link, many commenters became so suspicious at the words “teens” that they searched Australian news sites for confirmation of those suspicions.

Update: Glad to see Drudge Report put this up front and top center; other sources will follow now to get this kind of story out there. BTW, Australians are now being urged to boycott traveling to The Grand Banana Republic. Here’s another link and here.

Update: Here’s another similar story that Drudge is now running front and center. If it were’t for the Drudge Report linking to local stories this sort of thing would get no national coverage from the PC press; it would just fade to black. By the way don’t look for PrezO to comment on any of these types of stories; he saves his outrage for those who “could like his son.”


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