Elephant in the room–gone

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

I feel liberated now from a thousand pound digital weight: I’ve finally deleted Evernote from my devices. Already I can feel the return of lost RAM, the death of permissions, etc., etc., etc.

Note to notefreaks: a lot of times when an idea or something I have to do comes to mind I send myself an email with the appropriate subject space filled out for easy IDing in the inbox. And there’s an added benefit to using email for notes –if you ever accidentally delete one you can always ask the NSA for a copy.

Second note to notefreaks: I’m definitely a notefreak, but I could never “organize” notes the way Woody Allen does, for example, and white on scraps of paper and drop them into a shoebox. On my laptop I use the greatest note-taking software in the world–ndxCards. It’s instantaneously available in the taskbar in Windows. Each card is like a resizable regular index card but with tags, colors, and full font enhancements menu.  They can be pinned to the screen like sticky notes or put in project folders. The other note-taking program I use is Microsoft’s popular One Note, which is maybe what Woody Allen should be using.


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