“Warrior cops”

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Crime, Society

Yes, we should all fear the rise of the warrior cops, i.e., the rise of local cops who act like military troopers searching for taliban guys in Afghanistan, desperate for some action. You’ve read about these guys, you’ve seen them on Youtube; maybe you’ve even seen them in action: armored personnel types in black boots brandishing Star Trek assault weapons breaking down some poor slob’s bathroom door over a too loud gas emission, heavy-soled black helmeted guys with flak jackets searching a tush-shaking tic-faced suspect’s anus for some good old cocaine-laced diarrhea (it’s evidence, man), dozens of flashing sirened sleek cruisers chasing down some seventy year old black guy in the projects with a thimbleful of crack clutched in his bony dying hand like his last diaper, dozens of Kevlar-fashioned six-foot two-ers with ten foot badges and twelve foot long clubbing sticks and four-foot long three-inch thick electric dildo tongs for shaking down your 115 year old grandmother for a possible (and of course mistaken) bank heist getaway driver (fits the description of skanky old female former pock-faced prostitute type, alias Babs, alias Jane the tingler, alias whatever of Dale St) …well, you get the idea; it goes on and on. Anyway, here’s a very recent article on this very subject.

NOTE: Hey, get a load of this warrior kop (and it’s not even Halloween). Here’s another one, only this one has a car muffler fetish. Here’s another, this time the kop has a pizza fetish.

  1. Terry Washington says:

    I am reminded of the late Ernest Borgnine’s character General Worden in the 1967 film “The Dirty Dozen”- a soldier’s job is to wear ihis uniform and kill the enemy”- by contrast a policeman’s is to uphold the law and apprehend criminals- the two are NOT interhcangeable as we saw in the NI Troubles

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