Couple quick thoughts…

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Current events

Has there been a stealth coup by Corporate/NSA, where the Big O is merely a figurehead? Getting eerie now…have Drudge Report on hot dial from the bunker…

Looks like another proxy war brewing. Russia will support the fascistic regime of Assad; the U.S will support the terrorist group Al Qaeda. WEIRD TIMES (and that’s OFFICIAL).

After finalizing her divorce with Rupert I’m wondering if Wendi Deng will date me? Not only is she gorgeous but her dowry could be a tidy sum (caution, Wendi:  I will not sign a prenup).

Wow I really like John Oliver as temporary replacement for Jon Stewart (who’s directing a movie for the summer) on The Daily Show. I was reading in a bio of Woody Allen that said when he subbed the Tonight show for a week, the critics said Carson better get back quick: Allen’s that good.

NOTE: People have asked me where I got the ferocious red-tongued baboon picture in the upper left corner. It’s from my driver’s license.



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