Superior reading list

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Books

Always like to impress the filthy masses with my recent reading list from over tha past few months (my mother says I’m a reading genius. Actually I don’t read; I just like watching books magically download to my Kindle Fire. It’s so cool).

“Anna May Wong,” “The Modern Mind,” “The Unruly Life of Woody Allen” (his son was in therapy at age 2-1/2…hey, well maybe we all should’ve been)), “The Bo Xilai Scandal”  (Kindle Single), “Predictably Irrational” (still reading), “What Soldiers Do,”  “The Untold History of the United States” (very unpleasant stuff), “The Quotable Hitchens.” I’m also reading a book made from actual paper: “When China Ruled the Seas.” Oh and let’s not forget a great browsing and edcuational experience, “The Three Stooges Encyclopedia.”


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