WWII: D-Day’s other story

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Books, History

Well, actually it was after D-Day, when the Allies recaptured Paris from the Germans. Sex in the city: Sex in the streets, rape, sex on the sidewalks, more rape, murder, sex in the parks, plunder. Rape. Sex: “What Soldiers Do: Sex and the American GI in WWII France” (Mary Louise Roberts). It ain’t a pretty picture. There’s also another book out which, though I haven’t read it yet, must surely overlap with the one above. It’s called “The Deserters,” chronicling the violent terror and crime spree of some 50,000 American deserters after France, in particular Paris, was “liberated.” There’s a very recent article on it here. The American commanders tried to hide all this from the American and British public, but it’s gradually coming out. By the way, don’t  forget to read another meticulously researched eye-opener, this one about what really led up to the attack on Pearl Harbor: “Day of Deceit.” The more I read of actual American history the more I realize the official presentation we’ve mostly been handed is myth, myth upon myth, lie upon lie.

Need your American war crime stories a little more up to date? Try “Kill Anything that Moves” by Nick Turse.

Note: here’s an article about warnings to WW2 soldiers about STDs.

  1. Terry Washington says:

    For far TOO LONG we have been treated to the “Sgt Rock/Greatest Generation” syndrome( St.Rock is of course the eponymous DC character in “Our Army At War” in which the Americans who fought in WWII/Korea have been all but canonized by an uncritical media to whom the US military can do NOTHING wrong)- whilst many American soldiers were brave-there was also a nastier underbelly that few historians have chosen to look at( except “Taken By Force”- an account of GI rapes in the UK,liberated France and occupied Germany!

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