Fun word game

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tired of Angry Birds? Why not play a word/phrase news opinion political social link game instead, something a little more thought provoking. So you’ve read the news, been to all your favorite sites and and not so favorite sites (known as the opposition) and now are ready to play. All you have to do is squeeze your head and identify the latest or at least not too old headlines or opinion pieces that best clarify the the following word or phrase (don’t worry, I’ve included hints).

Stupidity with gall  Hint: Think in Afghanistan Here.

Tools Hint: Involves MSM (OK, another hint, think movie title with drag racing) Here.

Anti-education measure Hint: again, think Afghanistan (another hint: picture conservative religious men with long flea-beards) Here (wait, another hint: think of a movie title, er, maybe like Arsenic and Old Lace)

Isn’t this fun?

Everyman debauchery Hint: first think dotgov then think sure wish I could do that. Here

Japanese lesson Hint: think Tokyo Vice. Here (OK, this isn’t really a headline but the book was fantastic).

Sexy Hint: spray on dress and, er, The Three Stooges revisited (or The new Three Stooges on the Shore). Here

Discrimination Hint: think reverse discrimination, or discrimination by any other name would still be… Here

Open internet killer Hint: Facebook, etc. as jailer Here (Ah, shucks, before you click here’s another hint: think book/movie The Secret Garden).

Human flies on a wall Hint: ‘welcome back to the human race’ (another hint: try this: LOL is no substitute for real laughter; and here’s another hint: tweets are nothing more than 140 character digital bullshit) Here

…Well, boys and girls, time for recess…

OK, one more:

Peace walls Hint: ‘white girl bleed a lot’ Here


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