Kevlar sado-mas run

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Crime, Current events

Yes, the Grand Banana Republic is a frightening place anymore, especially when cops like to make believe they’re in a real war zone, you know, making believe they’re like troops in Afghanistan or Iraq who are in the midst of very lethal roadside bombs and suicide bombers and Islamic  death squads; but hell, the cops are wearing super neato homeland security uniforms with Kevlar vests and helmet cams just like Seal Team Six and have cool face masks and are driving armored vehicles and have fun automatic weapons, and so hell let’s have a shoot ’em up guys…bambambam…(ure beats tasering eighty-year old jaywalkers for a change) get us some action like the boys overseas. Here’s the scene. They kiss their wives goodbye at the door.  Hon, I’m on a dangerous mission to the suburbs; there’s this possible illegal marijuana weed grower guy and his wife sleeping in bed and they have their dangerous little kid in the crib and maybe even a barking dog with teeth but hell, hon, somebody gotta battle these damn suburbanites.

Quick note: While police brutality, and abuse by authority figures in general, often offend our sense of  what it means to be civilized (wondering why cops so often abuse their authority over even the slightest provacation) keep in mind the infamous and chilling psych experiment Obedience to Authority and read the book The Lucifer Effect (by the same psychologist). You may find something disturbing, that in the same situation (official uniform, authority to act with impunity from superiors, etc) you (and I) may be capable of the same sort of behavior.

Related: “It was a trial that bared some anxieties that run just below the city’s surface: the weakness of a drunken memory; the vulnerability of ordinary residents to abuse from the powerful, especially in a police uniform…” Here.

Related: Uniformed crotch grabber. Here.


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