A B-movie queen I won’t be seeing at Chiller Theater conventions any time soon

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Current events, Movies, T V

I’m a B-movie fan, especially of the old sci fi genre, and well, sadly I just read about Yvette Vickers (81), of Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman fame (I recently saw this again; I don’t think she was the fifty foot woman herself–she was the other woman, the party girl floozy,  in the movie, the one that got the fifty foot woman so jealously vengeful), being found mummified in her home the other day.  Evidently she had been dead for a year before being found. RIP

Check this article on some other B actresses who are no longer with us. “…The larger-than-life star of this cult Russ Meyer [Faster Pussycat–Kill Kill] movie passed away from heart failure earlier this year at 72. She had a tough childhood in Chicago, where she was raped aged just nine by five men. In 1973 Tura [Satana] was shot by a drug-crazed ex but survived. In 1981 she was hit by an unlicensed driver, at 60mph in a 25mph zone. She was in hospital for two years…” .


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