Confessions of a “relationship coach”

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Psychology

”[My husband]  was the man who never read a word of one of my books, no matter how much I begged. He was the man who would not listen to me talk about my work, no matter how much that meant to me. He was the man who got shoe polish all over our new white couch and refused to put a cover on it or take off his shoes. I remember crying on my hands and knees as I tried to wash the shoe polish out, and every stroke of the sponge made it worse. Fifteen years of this and I was still stuck. So, I’ll tell you what finally helped me decide to leave…” I don’t know, it seems to me that for most women the shoe polish incident would’ve done it. This so-called relationship expert”, who had appeared on Oprah numerous times admits she lied about her own marriage (can yo imagine lying to the Queen of TV; iIsn’t that tantamount to perjury or something?) ANYWAY you can rad the rest of this article here. One more thing. When is Dr Phil going to confess?


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