What we learned about Japanese society from an earlier earthquake

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Culture
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“…Japan’s orderliness and civility often impressed me during my years living in Japan, but never more so than after the Kobe quake. Pretty much the entire port of Kobe was destroyed, with shop windows broken all across the city. I looked all over for a case of looting, or violent jostling over rescue supplies. Finally, I was delighted to find a store owner who told me that he’d been robbed by two men. Somewhat melodramatically, I asked him something like:And were you surprised that fellow Japanese would take advantage of a natural disaster and turn to crime? He looked surprised and responded, as I recall: Who said anything about Japanese. They were foreigners…”–Nicholas Kristof in the NY Times.

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Note: if you want to contrast the difference between Japan and the Grand Banana Republic just research the looting, murder, and rape that went on during the Katrina aftermath.

Note: Scumbag  Wall Streeter reveals his true evil nature.


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