The Imperial Banana

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Current events

“The United States considers itself a shining beacon of democracy and openness, but for many Europeans Washington’s fierce reaction to the flood of secret diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks displays imperial arrogance and hypocrisy, indicating a post-9/11 obsession with secrecy that contradicts American principles… (here)” No argument here. This place will still be preaching its democratic ideals even after it becomes a police state like China. Its hypocrisy is mind-boggling. “While the Obama Administration,” the article continues,  “has done nothing in the courts to block the publication of any of the leaked documents, or …tried to indict WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for any crime, American officials and politicians have been widely condemned in the European news media for calling the leaks everything from “terrorism” (Rep. Peter T. King [a former terrorist IRA supporter] to ‘an attack against the international community’ (…Hillary Clinton). Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates called the arrest of Mr. Assange on separate rape charges ‘good news,’ while Sarah Palin called for him to be hunted as an ‘anti-American operative with blood on his hands’ and Mike Huckabee…said that he should be executed [as did another neo-con Bill O’Reilly].” There’s a ton of these quaking holier-than-thou freaks out there.


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