Howard’s new five year plan

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

So Howard Stern signed another five year plan with Sirius. Even though he lost his barbed edge years ago who could blame him for coasting on the coat tails of tens of millions of dollars. Howard, who used to make celebrities wiggle out of appearances because of fear of becoming part of his satirical wit, or just felt uncomfortable with his “bad” reputation, has now become just another overpaid celebrity himself. His real talent lies now in trying to convince his audience that’s he still just one of the old gang, which is probably why he keeps his old radio group together (Robin, Fred, Bababooey, etc.); he even has Jackie the Jokeman working at the same station. Every once in a while I catch Howard, laugh a little, but never stay long (though maybe I’m tuning out before he gets into the good stuff–does he still ever do his rants? His harsh reviews?).


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