Bits and pieces (all of which add up to something ugly)

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Current events

I guess we all know the federal government is broke so when they need money they just print it up by the billions, but now they’re so incompetent they can’t even print money right (remember, all you can do is laugh). Here.

Authoritarian penis envy? Swedish Condom Police want Wikileaks hero Assange. Here. New and better article here. Update: funny satirical piece by Naomi Wolfe: Julian Assange captured by world’s dating police (here).

Note: I can’t find one “conservative” site (Pajamas Media, Big Peace (etc), NRO, WND, Hot Air, TV’s O’Reilly Factor, big Wall St lovers Rush Limbaugh and Laura Inghram, etc. etc….) that hasn’t fallen prey to corrupt authoritarian neocon symptoms, from their ongoing nostalgia for Inspector Clouseau, aka  George Dubya, and Resident Dr Evil (Cheney) to their vicious attacks on Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange. Adherents of Jeffersonian democracy evidently died out a long time ago.

Ted Turner: Get sterilized for cash, my friends. Here.

Speaking of Wikileaks…How Wikileaks altered the way we see the world in just a week

Circumventing Chinese government censorship via Kindle: “…Mainlanders have been putting black market “e-readers” to a novel alternative use: Bypassing state censorship. ..Chinese who purchased Amazon Kindle [3G version] have found that they can use its built in web browser to access sites and services – including Twitter and Facebook – which are normally blocked in China. According to media sources, the 3G version of the Kindle uses a high speed GSM cellular connection to connect to a server located outside of China – and thus outside of state censorship… Allowing it to view websites that are normally blocked by Chinese ISPs by bypassing the the ISPs completely in favor of an uncensored American counterpart…” Here.

Back to Wikileaks again: Why is China blocking Cablegate? Well, according to the Angry Chinese Blogger it’s “1) Because it’s Beijing. It’s what it does2) Because some of the cables contained unflattering information regarding China in general, and Beijing in particular…”

Austria: latest country to disembowel Free Speech on the altar of religion. Here.

Back to Wikileaks again: Well after Wikileaks is out of the way, after the Evil forces have had their way with him, we can go back to a more steady dose of the usual big important news, like today’s The Look of Love–Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Dazzle at the World Premier of The Tourist. Hint: in the near future look for tons of these kinds of articles to make up for the sudden departure of oxygen. In fact, make up a headline and it will probably actually appear… er, like Conan Shaves His Beard LIVE on Basic Cable, or What color crayon did George Bush use to “write” his memoirs? or…well, you get the picture.

Hey, guess what? Back to →Wikileaks.  “In 1958 a young Rupert Murdoch, then owner and editor of Adelaide’s The News, wrote: ‘In the race between secrecy and truth, it seems inevitable that truth will always win.’ His observation perhaps reflected his father Keith Murdoch’s expose that Australian troops were being needlessly sacrificed by incompetent British commanders on the shores of Gallipoli. The British tried to shut him up but Keith Murdoch would not be silenced and his efforts led to the termination of the disastrous Gallipoli campaign.Nearly a century later, WikiLeaks is also fearlessly publishing facts that need to be made public…” Here.

Can you believe this? Back to Wikileaks again. “Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s arrest over the dubious rape and molestation claims of two Swedish women is likely a political stunt, after it was revealed that one of the women has connections to the CIA and is a militant feminist who published a guide on how to get revenge on men and make them ‘suffer’…” Here.

The coming authortarian tax monster: “The new ObamaCare1099 rule for reporting of all cash, credit and check business transactions of $600 or more is scheduled to begin January of 2012.  This is really an extension of the 2008 Housing and Recovery Act IRS rules that start this January when merchant banks and PayPal will report business sales directly to the IRS (the reporting threshold is $20,000 and 200 transactions a year)…” Here. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the growing fascism.

Back to the Grand Banana Republic’s growing fascism again: “Last week FCC Commissioner Michael Copps suggested broadcasters be subject to a new ‘public values test’ every four years. Copps said that the test would make a broadcaster’s license renewal contingent upon evidence that they meet a prospective set of federal criteria…” Here.


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