Secrets buster finds refuge in nuke bunker

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Current events

Wikileaks’s servers, at least some of them, have been set up in a nuke proof shelter in Sweden. Story here.

Related: Why we need secrets busters. Here’s one example from the economy–here. (BTW, if the government’s so concerned about its secrets why weren’t they encrypted?)

Update: Wikileaks Julian Assange waiting to be arrested for “rape charge”. I just wonder who the female CIA agent is who”pressed” the charge?

Note: After people have read the Wikileaks documents how many could go back to the filtered TV news with all those fake talking heads and “All the News That’s Fit to Print” crap? While goofy O’Reilly opines with with his tired Patriots or Pinheads comedy routine and Olbermann strains his face to a deep hue of purplish red naming Bristol Palin The Worst Person in the World for the night the status of news events has suddenly shifted ahead with Assange’s published revelations of what really goes on in government and corporations. Keep it coming.



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