Free speech rapidly declining in the world

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Current events

You’ve probably seen the leaked Wikileaks documents where Bob Gates said that “Russian democracy has disappeared and the government was an oligarchy run by the security services”  (here). OK,  you probably didn’t need a leaked document  for an assessment that’s already well established. But Russia isn’t the only place where free speech is dead or withering. It’s happening in the West as well, including this country, where, among other reasons, the intoxication of trying to incorporate Islamzation into its multiculturally fabricated society is creating a dictatorship of language that would do Orwell’s 1984 novel proud. Free speech is increasingly seen as hate speech, especially along religious lines where downright medieval apostasy law is gaining support. Unlike Winston from 1984, however, free speech advocates aren’t caving in. To get a good compendium of what governments are doing to limit speech, and of what individuals are doing to protest this infringement, check out The International Free Press Society site.


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