Writing as a second language…

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Current events
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I’ve noticed this. When immigrants write English, and when they write it well, they infuse the language with a vigor that oftentimes you don’t see in those that were born with the English ABCs in their mouth. The language usually avoids cliches; it’s given a precise and  fascinating tilt towards the unexpected turn. Once again I’ve noticed this. So today’s episode of Out of the mouth of foreigners comes superb English: “…This is a story about reluctantly thrusting your feet in the face of an older Korean woman when you are Korean and female yourself. And unmarried. And 30. Also, broke. I’m mortified not by ravaged nail beds or metatarsal smashed by hoofing about in fetching heels, but by an anxiety without a term, a spaghetti of issues I can never untangle…” –Mary H.K. Choi, from Going Korean (NY Times Opinionator piece)


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