Hmmm, is China rising that fast, or is the Grand Banana Republic just sinking faster?

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

China to overtake Grand Banana Republic in probably two years as biggest economy. So I think the answer to the question is–it’s both. Here (London Telegraph). But here’s some good news: Probably Zimbabwe or the Congo won’t overtake us at least for a few more years.

Related: The new controllers: Talking the talk: If you’ve ever wondered how exactly China owns us take a look at this example from (from a couple of years ago) the Midwest. See if you can tell who’s the boss. First: the time? Very recent. Exact place? That would be Wausau, Wisconsin. Quoting now: “a group of farmer…[gather] around a buyer in a conversation heralding a sea change in the United States….’I don’t think you Americans get it,’ said the buyer [from China], dressed casually in designer brands and sporting a watch worth as much as the mud-splattered GM trucks in the parking lot outside. ‘We need quality. We demand quality. Top quality. If you work with me, we can win together. But if you don’t, there’s nothing I can do.’ ” Here.

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