Up against the wall mother*******, your goddamn asses are toast–you are barbering without a license (mother*******)

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Crime, Current events
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Probably this is how the scene initially unfolded: Guns drawn, waving, then aimed (and no doubt shaking a little bit because this is like…godamn it man this is like being in Afghanistan fighting the taliban). Guns are  fully loaded. Barbers are screaming. Patrons are screaming.  Egoed-up to the nth kops  are screaming (as in, up against the wall Mother*******–gives ’em courage to face the barbers who are now pissing in their jockey shorts, making all shades of yellow down their legs). Yes, knaves, presenting adventures in the annals of crime: barbering without a license (put those scissors down, mother*******). Sorry to say this is a true story, mother*******. Yes it is, in the land of the Grand Banana Republic (and getting more banana all the time).  Here. Oh, and let’s not forget the raw milk raids (check this past post).

Hey maybe this could become another riveting Kop movie, you know, like the French Connection American Gangster or something. Yeah, I can see it, looks damn good. We could have not only barbers cutting hair without a license but cutting hair without a license using illegal scissors, scissors coming in out of Barbados or the New Jersey pinelands;  yeah the scissors are coming in via the Jamaican mob; yeah yeah they’re coming in through the underground illegal barber scissor route. How does Denzil Washington and George Clooney sound for the leads? Huh? Throw in a hot actresses or two, a rocking music score and jesuschristalmightygod you have a mother******* hit.



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