Your current events tutorial (there will be a test)

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Current events

Today’s border war body count: Three Grand Banana Republic citizens bite the dust. (Er, make that four).

God’s kid had HIV–Even HE didn’t have a cure.

One very lucky Iranian woman: Instead of being stoned to death she will only be hanged (God bless the humanity of that Islamic republic).

“My face might fall off” (says singer Pete Burns) …well, from my POV that might be the best solution (no, I am not being cruel).

Islamic law banned in –where? Oklahoma, you say? In Oklahoma?  Huh? (Isn’t that somewhere in the Grand Banana Republic?)

What’s that smell? The great unwashed, you say?

Readying for Obama’s visit to India officials in Mumbai are removing coconuts from trees to protect the president’s head.


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