Coming soon: the Chinese Century

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Current events

Yes, while the Grand Banana Republic descends into the morass of multiculturalism, trying ever so desperately to accommodate a medieval religion (read Islam) and Third World immigration (read illegal aliens)  into its daily fabric, China steadily ascends the top of the pyramid.

China about to supplant the Grand Banana Republic as main superpower.

Eat your heart out Yankee dogs.

It’s interesting to note that many children of the older Chinese immigrants who settled here for economic reasons are now moving to China, to the incredibly rich cities of  Shanghai and Beijing. To tell you the truth I wouldn’t mind getting out of this crumbling dump and  joining them (unfortunately I’m not Chinese).

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Related: China owns the Grand Banana Republic (video) They hold a great deal of our debt (ten percent?) but with our looming third world status the Chinese must see it as holding a big handful of dog shit.

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Related: Welcome tourists….Here’s a video of the beautiful outskirts of Shanghai and here’s the city itself. It’s a shame China doesn’t have an immigration program for Westerners; I mean the last thing they need is a bigger population, but how wonderful would it be for us to get out of our decaying contentious crime-ridden cities and hop into the future.

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Somewhat related: It seems the Grand Banana Republic can’t even win the Miss World beauty title without China. I mean everyone knew the hot Miss Norway should’ve won but, well, that’a where China comes in. Here.


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