This woman should run for the senate

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Books, Current events, Politics, Religion
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Ayaan Hirsi Ali–I’d vote for this woman for a Senate seat (or any other seat) in an instant. After escaping an arranged marriage in Somali or Kenya via Canada, she landed in the Netherlands as a refugee seeking political asylum. She eventually became an outspoken member of the Dutch Parliament (she is not a prisoner to political correctness parameters), but was forced to flee to the the Grand Banana Republic because of Islamic threats (yes, even the GBR offers more security). She has written two books, Infidel (I’ve read it twice) and Nomad (I’m reading it now). She speaks several languages, including masterful English, and has, along with people like Christopher Hitchens, for example,  elevated the religion/atheism debate onto a substantial intellectual plane, accessible even to many leftists. Wait a minute, I’ve had second thoughts about her being in the Senate. I mean she’s eloquent, soft-spoken, gorgeous, humorous, sexy, intellectual, multi-lingual, politically incorrect–she wouldn’t fit in. Nope, not in that clubhouse of buffoons. Here’s a recent article about her (The Guardian). Here she is on a very funny bantering segment of the Colbert Report.

Love the leather coat–and the typewriter (or is that a Somali laptop?).

Related: I know, I know, you’re thinking this is one beautiful girl, so you just can’t help thinking of her love life, or at least a reasonable facsimile, so this is just for you gushing Romantics out there in the hinterland:  History man and fatwa girl.


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