We already knew that…

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Culture, Current events

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany has said her country’s attempts to build a post-war multicultural society have ‘utterly failed’. Welcome to reality. Despite a tolerant sounding name (and we all admire tolerance) you simply cannot maintain a civilized society by allowing each cultural group (Islam, for example, certainly the most audacious group) to have its own laws (in the case of Islam, for example, sharia law).

Like I said, we already know that MC doesn’t work: look at Patterson, NJ here in the good ol’ Grand Banana Republic: The excerpt below is from here (Atlas Shrugs).

This is a constant occurrence on this Muslim-dominated stretch of
road. In the past, I have been mocked by other religious names. Once a
much younger man, in a group of men speaking Arabic, stopped me, and
mocked me as "Moses," as his friends surrounded me.

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