The Grand Banana Republic school system

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Current events
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Disruptive deadbeat “students” put teacher over the edge.

Stupid, undisciplined students are the norm in the GBR. What would I do if I were a teacher in say, a Chicago school (I think this is Chicago, but it could really be in any big city)? I definitely wouldn’t get worked up like this poor slob; I’d encourage the bad students to quit and join a gang where their life expectancy would be mercifully short, and where my teaching would be stress free. Good teachers are just a waste of time and money (and health) in an undisciplined environment. At least this guy goes out with a bang. Read article here (

Related: Check this horror school, in Newark, NJ. Here (

Related: El Paso, Texas. Here (Daily Mail).


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