The state of freedom of speech

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Current events, Politics, Religion

“…Lars Vilks, Lars Hedegaard, and Rabbi Jon Hausman were interviewed monday by Helen Glover of WHJJ 920 AM, Providence, about the sorry state of free speech in the West as we capitulate to Islamic intimidation over the Medieval dictates of Sharia-based “blasphemy” law. Rabbi Hausman’s matter-of-fact description of the security measures that Mr. Vilk’s brief visit to the Boston area entailed, are particularly chilling…” Here (Big Peace) and here (excellent radio interview). It’s astounding to think that these men were not allowed to speak in Philadelphia for fear of Muslim reprisal. By the way, back in Sweden Lars Vilks, a cartoonist,  has had to booby-trap his home for his own safety; he also sleeps with an ax.

Related: Free speech on trial in Holland. Here.

Related: Publisher cancels publication of Muhammad bio. Here.


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