Alternative measures

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Art, Current events, Politics, Religion

Christ submerged in jar of piss

“…[Pastor] Jones is going about this all wrong.  If he really wants to burn the Islamic holy book, I know a way that he could do it  while at the same time have every left wing pundit and mainstream news outlet not decry his act but rather defend and even celebrate it.  He should burn it on the steps of the Museum Of Modern Art … instead of calling it a protest,… he should just call his Quran torching ‘art.’  In the interest of consistency, artistic integrity and fairness, maybe he can even do it in the building, right on the same spot where in 1989 the infamous “Piss Christ” photo was proudly exhibited…” Read article here (Big Peace).

Note: It should be pointed out that during the “Piss Christ” exhibit, aside from some incensed complaints, Christians did not run wild in the streets rioting, raping, and murdering non-Christians.


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