New trenches forming…

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Current events, Society
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“Liberal political theory has virtually ignored the philosophical, legal and ethical questions posed by the threatening demographics of Europe. Is not western society, imperfect as it may be but immensely more liberal than the domains of Islam, obliged to defend its own…and their future…” From a New Republic blog, the Spine, in which the author, yes a liberal, chastises the naiveté of the New York Times , all of which causes lovey-dovey Op Edder (Nicholas Kristof, not a bad guy really) of the said Times to castigate said NR guy for exiting the carefully guarded portal emanating from the politically correct “All the news that’s fit to print” plasma-sphere of Liberalism that has been so lovingly defined and feathered along the periphery for so many years now.


My god man, even the Intensely Guilt-ridden self-flagellating Germans have had enough. Here (from the NY Times, so of course you have to read between the lines). And here, from the horse’s mouth, is the Liberal Spiegel Online International article on this very subject (you sort of have to read between the line too to see the ultimate implication).


French finally get fed up and ban full face burkas (so of course the Eiffiel Tower has to be evacuated because of fanatic’s bomb threat).


Sweden seems to be getting upset over Islamic mass immigration and rioting. Here (and here.)


Other side of the trench: Ostensibly, because of the threatened Koran burning,  Islamist organizations in America are now calling for free speech to be modified to inculcate respect for their Koran–in other words, they want Islamic law (otherwise known as sharia law) to trump the First Amendment. Read about it here (Atlas Shrugs; also see  this post at Big Peace). Don’t scoff; Ireland has adopted just such an “anti-blasphemy” law–Google, Bing, or Yahoo it.


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