Let’s see, who’s gonna to be at Chiller Theater…?

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Current events
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Well, it’s a few weeks away from my yearly trek to Chiller Theatre here in New Jersey (though they do more than one show a year I usually only go to the Halloween one) so who’s gonna be there? Well I know Keven McCarthy (RIP) won’t be showing up anymore; so who’s left? Well we do have the Italian Invasion of horror stars, and lets see we have LeVar Burton from Star Trek: TNG. We have–what the hell?–the cast of I Dream of Jeanie and Dallas? What, will they be coming in aluminum walkers with nurses holding IV bottles? Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters…Bill Moseley from the Devil’s Rejects (so where’s Sid Haig?)…Sara Karloff (only claim to fame is she’s the daughter of Boris; I have a great picture of her with my sister’s husband who’s a huge fan of Boris Karloff and old horror movies). We have Linda Blair from the Exorcist (OK I guess). Lesley Ann Warren from Desperate Housewives (yeah, right, I’ll be sure to plunk down twenty bucks U.S currency for her autograph). Oh my god we have Ian Ziereng from that show 90210–are you kidding me, Ian Ziereng? 90210?  Are you serious? Chiller couldn’t at least dig up somebody else, like last year’s tottering Chekhov from Star Trek at least or someone? Jesuschrist, Ian Ziiereng? Well, moving on,  we have Meadowlark Lemon from the Globetrotters (OK). Debbie Reynolds? Is she gonna actually be there or do we have to board a bus to the Home for Old and Befuddled Actresses (hey but I did see a picture with her once on Turner Classics which I liked)? Seka, the adult porn legend? Who? I don’t know, I gotta go to this event, not for the has-beens and never-will-bes that sit there like cobwebbed royalty but for the dealers’ rooms. These rooms are chock full of everything you can imagine, from comics and books and magazines to T-shirts to bizarre Japanese movies to models to photos and posters to–well, everything. Best of all there’s a mass of weirdly dressed people busily lurking about.

Here is a past post on Chiller.


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