Grand Banana Republic (cont.’)

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Politics, Society
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Why don’t we just stop the pretense that we’re living in a democracy and allow outright bribes. “The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision allows businesses to make unlimited political contributions to judges and politicians. When judges are elected, the need for these contributions inherently turns judges into politicians. Sympathetic judges are corrupt businesses’ most valuable allies. Corporations and their senior officials can commit civil or criminal wrongs with impunity if their case is assigned to a friendly judge…” Read more here.

In fact this would make a great banana republic bumper sticker: STOP THE PRETENSE…SUPPORT BRIBERY!

Inevitably of course there would follow the political commercial (set to [play sombre  martial music] : Sally Mae is the kind of politician you can trust.  ‘Vote for me;  I promise to never under any conditions to accept any bribe higher than $5000.00.’ [sincerely smiles] Paid for by the friends of Sally Mae.


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