“Prison Wars”

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Books, Crime, Current events

“…My name is Martin Sanger.  If you’re an American you’ve probably heard of me via my association with the manslaughter case involving Quentin Longus.  I am the guy that was up on manslaughter charges.  To the young I largely need no introduction. I worked for Quentin.  I was his personal publicist and friend.  My job was to keep his family sheltered from his coming professional turmoil.  Boy did I fail.  I blame myself for some of the splashes of intrigue and writing flare that fed his addictions. You may ask why I want to retell the story of the now infamous Quentin Longus.  Everybody knows more than they ever wanted to know about him.  I want to tell it because I knew him before his infamous press conference that planted the seed of our destruction…”  Here.

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