800,000 years ago…

Posted: September 2, 2010 in History, Society

Some 800, 000 years ago “early man butchered and ate the brains of children as part of everyday diet“.

800,000 thousand years ago is a long time but, in the depths of our reptiallian complex, not much has essentailly changed. Human animalism sits there like a ferocious rabid animal, though usually kept in check by long held civilizing memes. There have been, throughout history, tribal cannibals (fellow human beings) that have made meals of  their enemies (and sometimes friends and relatives).  Every once in awhile we read of gruesome cannibalistic seriel killers. Not long ago there was  South American soccer team whose plane had crashed in the Andes. Left without food they eventually ate the members onboard who had been killed in the initial  impact or who had died from injuries.


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