A likely story…

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Current events

Catherine Zeta-Jones (I wonder what her real name is?) says she’s furious that husband Michael Douglas’s throat cancer went undetected for so long. Come on, a likely story. Being a Hollywood couple I’m sure she doesn’t actually love this guy. He’s a prop (secure wealthy actor with great name recognition), and she’s a prop (beautiful, sexy, hot, youthful) for him. So cut the bullshit,  Zeta (if that’s really your name). You were already probably planning to ditch this geezer for a younger turk (also with name recognition and money…hmmmm, who could that be?). For chrissakes you’re a stinkin’ Hollywood couple and the sincerity of that’s worth about fifteen cents on the open market. Now get real and cut the fake anger drivel.  Here.


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