Happy times…

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Current events, Movies
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Oh boy actor Don–Miami Vice– Johnson is sososososo happy his co-star Lindsay Lohan from Machete is out of rehab. Oh boy he is SO happy. Here, I’ll quote: “God bless her. I care about her as a person.” Nothing like a person caring for someone as a, er… person. Yeah, you gotta admire the man for his feelingness. And let’s not forget actor Danny Trejo: “She’s in control, she is professional, and she can really bring it.” Not bring it on, mind you, just bring it. Yeah, let’s be honest; there is nothing like being able to bring it. Yeah. Hey, we should all bring it. Bring it, I say: Bring it. BRING IT. It’s like being there, but bringing it.  And what about the director of Machete (Robert Rodriguez, the guy behind Planet Terror)? “She is going to be very happy. This is the best thing for her right now, to see this movie.”  Well it’s obviously the best thing for everybody right now, what with the economy and all. Yeah. Happy happy…


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