Comrade Pelosi, the anti-free speech warrior, unsheaths her sword…

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Current events, Religion, Society

Warrior Princess against lawful opposition (Xena would never do something like this)

The great ground zero mosque controversy…Pelosi: Opposition to the Supreme Command Mosque of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is unAmerican and must be investigated, comrades; we must know where their money’s coming from: true, not a direct quote, but it’ll do. Here. Maybe she should be more concerned with who’s funding the mosque (Saudi Arabia, Iran? here). Better yet, she should investigate who’s funding congress. Obviously the cougar’s leather panties have gotten too tight.



Ground zero Shariah? “…Maybe the Imam’s goal is not simply to force a provocative “insensitivity” about 9-11 on the American public, with the help of America’s elites.  Maybe the Imam’s long-term goal is to force Shariah law on the American public – of course, again, with the help of America’s elites…” Here. Note: go to the link to  read about the Ground Zero Mosque’s 6 mystery floors.  “We suggest  that they’ll be used by the Shariah Index Project.”

Muslim who opposes GZM says he has been threatened with physical harm by Islamic developer. Here.

Looks what’s going on in the grand ol’ mother country:

“American Muslims are 10 years behind the struggle.”– Cleric Anjem Choudary


A couple of examples of the sharia-implementing stealth jihad (get people more and more accepting of it as something inevitable):

Sharia law injects it’s venom into the free secular world, well, in this case Disney World (btw,  it’s called stealth jihad–“little by little”): Here.

Sharia law and football: Whatever happened to seperation of church mosque and state? (Under sharia law there is no seperation.):  Here.


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