Hollywood’s PC kingdom

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Movies, Religion, War

Political correctness is easy in Hollywood: adopt a politically acceptable cause (i.e., something PC), ignore the terrible facts, then worship it as pure: “…In Kingdom, for example, Jerusalem collapses under assault from the Saracen forces led by the legendary general Saladin. Saladin is shown to be a paragon of interfaith tolerance who offers medical assistance to his Christian opponent and spares Jerusalem’s Christian defenders – although the inconvenient historical fact is that the Crusaders were required to buy their freedom, and those who couldn’t afford it were sold into slavery…” Christians did the same thing. Here. The truth is all the players in the crusades–Christians and Muslims–were not people you’d want to share a beer with. The special problem with Islam today, of course, is that while the once barbaric Christians have been tamed, most Muslims still live in the Medieval world of literal religious interpretation.


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