American navy reduced to paper tiger status

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Current events, Politics, War
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The recent flotilla of American sea power off the Korean coast might indeed have  fogged up ther binoculars of the North Koreans but the Chinese were probably laughing. For them it must’ve been like watching a bulimic old lady floating in a fat suit.  Yes, fortune cookie says, Get out of Yellow Sea Yankee dog or we the Chinese military will “respond with three salvos of DF 21D, the first of which would pierce the hull [of your carrier], start fires and shut down flight operations… The second would knock out its engines and be accompanied by air attacks. The third wave…would send the George Washington to the bottom of the ocean.” Here.  Yes, while the U.S. military has spent so much time and money and effort in its social/multicultural doctrine and invading and wasting hundreds of billions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Chinese have spent their money wisely, in technological innovation and math and science proficiency.  When will the U.S. realize the jig is up? Stop living in some past era of glory. Get those big silly sitting duck ships back in port and keep them there (don’t worry,  they can be unmothballed  and paraded off the coast during memorial day). In the Big Picture Among the Big Players, the age of the sprawling surface warship is over; the seas belong to supersonic cruise missiles and submarines.

Here’s an in depth article you might find interesting: China’s anti-ship ballistic missile program: Checkmate for Taiwan?


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