Nazis take Paris…

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Current events

Oh no Oh no Oh no OHNOHONOHONOHONOHONOHONO…Here we all hunkered down in our bunkers, still recovering from the vast vile viral racist rant of Shirley Sherrod when here we are hit again: Paris Hilton photographed in a Nazi salute; she’s even wearing Joseph Goebbels’ old National Socialist hat she must have got on some German eBay auction. What the hell, is everyone going Nazi all of a sudden? Wow, wait till the white worm Keith Olbermann gets in a smoke-spewing a vent about this one: “…Paris Hilton joins Tea Party… ” He’s gonna to be slobbering all over himself (quick, get a bib). Here’s the whole stinking sordid story of this blue-eyed blond-braided  girl in the funny hat (sure signs of being a Nazi). But don’t worry, Ms Hilton vehemently denies she’s a member of the National Soclialist NAZI Party Machine, and so there’s probably no need to worry she’ll invade Poland anytime soon.

Related: Paris fantasy.

Related: Some African-American magazine readers of Essence magazine go racist over hiring of white fashion director (diversity stops here). Here.

Related: Real racism: black thugs attack white man for listening to rap.


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