China regresses

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Society
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Chinese Red Guard talibanites cuff and leash prostitutes like dogs (here and here).  Obviously, to a normal civilized person, this is a gross humiliation of these women, certainly a human rights violation; but in a country where during the next decade men will outnumber women by 24 million you can also condemn it on a cold utilitarian concern. Men already vastly outnumber women in China. I mean maybe men will increasingly be forced to spend their money on blowup dolls because of the lack of females. Clean, health-conscious prostitution (sex working) should be encouraged, not condemned and punished. But I guess you can’t expect too much from a country still reeling from the Maoist years, mandatory one-child rule (couples often abort or murder their female newborn), and that executes prisoners just to sell their organs.


Related: This government atrocity almost ranks up there with the barbaric and  humiliating Islamic punishments of prisoners in Iran and Saudi Arabia and with American slave labor chain gangs here in the U.S.

Update: China progresses: “The Chinese government has called for an end to the public shaming of criminal suspects, a time-honored cudgel of Chinese law enforcement but one that has increasingly rattled the public.”


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