Islamic bicycles (huh?)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Current events

You’ll be relieved to know an inventor in Iran is working hard developing a bicycle for women that will cover the  bottom half of their bodies, thus evidently masking the sexuality inherent in moving legs. Here.

Well that’s in Iran, but when will it be introduced to the muslim women of the  multicultural country of England?  Here’s a testimonial: “…I am also a muslim woman from Pakistan who lives in the ultra muslim orthodox area of Bow and Mile End in London. I have lived in London for around ten years and this is my first experience of living in a majority muslim area as I lived in Clapham before. The problem I personally find with these radical talibanised muslims is that they don’t seem to approve of me going around on my cycle and not adhering to their code by covering myself up. I get all sorts of harassment by the “orthodox” muslim men even though I am not dressed like a prostitute but I might as well be one in their eyes as I am not covered up from head to toe. But for some reason I just have this feeling that even if I was dressed the way they think is right, they would still find a problem with me because I am a woman. The thing that makes me so angry is their confidence, this being England and not a muslim country, thank God!…”


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