Drug war along (and over) the border…

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Crime, Culture, Current events
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“…The enemy uses every terror means at their disposal: beheadings, dismemberment, feeding live captured prisoners to lions, slowly lowering live victims into tanker trucks filled with acid and worse. These tactics are extremely effective. There are no rules in this war. The targeted kidnapping of children and family members is now Standard Operating Procedure. The enemy has even twisted religion into a cult membership tailored to its warriors and assassins…” Here.


Related: Mexico is such a fun place: “A heavily armed hit squad arrived and cried ‘Kill them all!’ and they started shooting…” The fun just begins (aren’t you glad these people are coming across the border?) Here.

Related: Please, do not go to Mexico (you may regret it, gringo). Here.

Related: Border arrests yeild weapons cache. Here.


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