Bush’s new book–Decision Points. You can probably get a limited autographed copy signed in crayon

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Books

Former president George W. Bush releasing new book: Decision Points. Can you believe it; a book from a guy who can’t  read, write, or finish a sentence (and sometimes can’t even start a sentence).  I wonder who gave him the crayons; or better yet, I wonder who actually wrote it? Hey, maybe it’s just a coloring book…

  1. me says:

    You have no clue how foolish you are. The guy reads about 60+ books a year. He went to yale and harvard. You have a stupid blog.

  2. CB says:

    Following a colon you may want to capitalize your quote (as well as quotation marks or italicize)! You would know that if you had an iota of intelligence that President Bush retains.

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