“…slowly and lithely…”

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Books

“She was twenty or so, small and delicately put together, but she looked durable….She walked as if she were floating…Her eyes were almost slate-grey, and had almost no expression…She came over near me and smiled with her mouth and she had little sharp predatory teeth, as white as fresh orange pith and as shiny as porcelain…She put a thumb up and bit it…She bit it and sucked it slowly, turning it around in her mouth like a baby with a comforter…Then she turned her body slowly and lithely, without lifting her feet…’You’re cute,’ she giggled. ‘I’m cute too…” The Big Sleep (Raymond Chandler).

Note: I have never read a novel I like more than Chandler’s masterpiece, and every once in awhile I like to quote from it (like some do the Bible).


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