Good news: Justice in Americaca works after all (er…NOT)

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Current events, Society

My god man they got Lindsay Lohan. Our court system really does work afterall. I mean there was all that getting away with criminal neglect from BP execs and all that criminal hijinks stuff from Goldman-Sachs and the other Wall Street mafia banks and all this corruption in government. But now we know the system works. Long live the great banana republic. Finally we have reached a state where people who deserve jailtime really do get it.

Note: hopefully the crack police forces in the case  have enough tasers and club weights on hand to subdue this imp if, you know, if the bitch causes any securiy risks as she’s led away in those shackled ankles and wrists, in that bright orange jumpsuit to the prison van, surrounded by a SWAT team in full military style regalia. Why this is almost as dangerous a situation for the koppers as when, manifesting true  courage,  they rounded up that notoriously bad bawling Paris Hilton.


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