Venting with insults (movie versions)

Posted: July 2, 2010 in Movies

Name of the game: Some are witty, some are stupid, some are gross, some are downright boring (especially the longer they go on with the same four-letter sexual “variety”). One thing is for sure, insults are the easiest part of screenwriting, although the ones with alliteration quality take a bit more skill. What’s funny about the wild-eyed, spit-spraying insult is not so much the four-letter words themselves but the spewer’s loss of control, his total breakdown of his id cover. It’s like witnessing the riled up irrational R-complex manifesting itself through a mouth and forked tongue. Think of god when he found out Eve took the apple from the serpent: “you f-ing little bitch of a dumb shit MFing whore…what the hell did you do you dumb shitass bastard bitch f-er…”

By the way, speaking of insults you might want to check out the best insults of all–from Shakespeare (right here, knave)


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