Religious headlines to get your spiritual juices flowing (or perhaps your stomach churning)

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Politics, Religion

Today we take a break from Christian bashing and feature the other big religion by presenting a few tidbits of info.

The Islamic Republic gets serious about breasts. Yes. Breasts. On manikins. Islamic order # XXX: Shopowners: remove the breasts from your manikins by any means necessary.

Iranian police issue warning to 62,000 women who are “badly veiled” (and that’s just in one province).

Speaking of things (gasp!) sexual, Islamic Saudi Arabia sentences man to four months in prison (and let’s not forget his 90 lashes) for–kissing a womanin in a mall.

Worst human rights violators condemn West (Huh?)

Five Al-Jazeera news presenters have walked out on the Middle Eastern news broadcaster after being accused of not dressing modestly enough.

At the Dearborn Islamic street festival: damn pesky Christians led away in handcuffs–in the USA!.

I am a Muslim soldier (and inept car bomber)

Posed perception VS reality

No more cameras; after all, we may be planning  jihad


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